The Experience Economy

23 Sep 2021
10:40 am - 11:40 am

The Experience Economy

The Experience Economy

The only unique competitive advantage is the exceptional experience a business can create for their clients.  Goods and services are everywhere being commoditized.  What consumers want today are experiences – memorable events that engage each client in an inherently personal way.  Businesses must therefore embrace the principles of the Experience Economy to stage ever more engaging experiences.  Dennis takes you through those principles that matter the most for your business and how to create greater economic value for your customers.

Becoming A Guru: A Serious Shift for Advisors

Becoming a Guru will help you understand how the financial services industry has experienced a sea change, and how all the rules for attracting and keeping clients have changed. Selling excellent investments and advice and delivering exceptional service is no longer enough.

Welcome to the Experience Economy

Products and services of all kinds are better, more available and more affordable than ever. The Internet – the ultimate frictionless marketplace – has ushered in a new era of convenience and cost savings for clients. This has made it even more difficult for advisors to stand out in an overcrowded, heavily regulated marketplace.

To combat this and in what seemed like the right thing to do, the financial services ultimately moved in the wrong direction, becoming obsessed with ease and efficiency. Ironically, this move to efficiency led to commoditization because the problem was never too much advisor, it was too little meaning.

Shift and do what the best brands do …

The answer isn’t to create ‘time saved’ but rather to create ‘time well spent.’

Ask your clients to buy into you, not from you. How does what you do help your clients achieve their personal aspirations?

Learn how to create experiences that engage your clients in a more meaningful way, that create greater loyalty and that attract the right kind of clients, for life.

Shift your value from advising to advocating and guiding.

Create deeper relationships with existing clients, do more business and generate more introductions.



3 Day Symposium, September 22 – 24


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Sneak A Peek/Advanced Education Day

1 Day Event, September 22nd:

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