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Oliver Woodburn is The Tasting Tutor.  He is a dynamic and entertaining speaker, storyteller and educator who loves chocolate and loves to share the history and stories behind this universally loved food.  During his time in the chocolate industry, Oliver came to realize that everyone has experiences with chocolate that they love to talk about.  Although the ingredient list on a bar of chocolate is relatively simple, the story of chocolate is anything but.  Oliver believes that a little bit of knowledge goes a long way towards elevating your enjoyment of this sweet treat.

For over 20 years Oliver worked in the leading premium chocolate company Lindt & Sprüngli, both in North America and Europe where he gained firsthand experience in the development of chocolate recipes, chocolate production and the global chocolate industry.  As part of his role, Oliver was responsible for training and educating employees and customers on the history of chocolate and it’s ingredients, production and quality.

Additionally, Oliver has trained at the International Sommelier Guild on wine fundamentals and the American Institute of Baking on the Science of Baking.  All of this experience is applied to his tasting classes to help tell the story and improve people’s appreciation of chocolate.  The Tasting Tutor’s “For the LOVE of Chocolate – Tasting Experience” is offered as both a public event and as a private event for groups or organizations looking to offer a unique and engaging activity.

In the end, what motivates Oliver is that his chocolate tasting experience brings you joy, puts a smile on your face, and that you walk away with feel good endorphins coursing through your veins

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For the LOVE of Chocolate – Tasting Experience

For the LOVE of Chocolate is a FUN and INTERACTIVE chocolate education and tasting EXPERIENCE which includes a curated chocolate tasting kit delivered to participants so they can experience the tutored tasting along with the host.

During the LIVE 60 minute online event you’ll learn:

– about the key ingredients in chocolate
– a brief history of chocolate
– how chocolate is made
– how to taste and evaluate chocolate with all your senses
– …and finally, you’ll be guided through a structured tasting of 6 different chocolates; both milk and dark.

In the end you’ll have a smile on your face and feel-good endorphins coursing through your veins.

Host Oliver Woodburn is your Tasting Tutor for this chocolate experience. With 20+ years in the chocolate business both in North America and Europe, he has firsthand experience in the development of chocolate recipes, chocolate production and the global chocolate industry. Additionally, Oliver has wine sommelier training and is a certified baker which he applies to his chocolate training classes.

This event includes a chocolate tasting kit delivered to each participant in their Delegate Goodie Box.

Must be registered before September 1st and include your mailing address to receive a kit.

All sessions by OLIVER WOODBURN

Chocolate Tasting Experience

24 Sep 2021
5:05 pm - 6:05 pm



3 Day Symposium, September 22 – 24


Members: $395.00 plus tax  | Non-Members: $495.00 plus tax

Sneak A Peek/Advanced Education Day

1 Day Event, September 22nd:

$150.00 plus tax


Members:$495.00 plus tax  | Non-Members: $595.00 plus tax

* Please be sure to include your MAILING ADDRESS in order to receive your delegate package