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Harold Geller



Harold’s practice is focused on helping investors and insureds get what their financial advisors promised them.

Whether you were sold life insurance, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, or other financial products, Harold and the Financial Loss Advisory Group take on your burden.

Our job is to provide reasoned and practical advice. If your loss was caused by the advisor, or the business behind that advisor, and it makes financial sense for you to pursue compensation, then if you hire us our job is to help you get your money back.

Harold and the Financial Loss Advisory Group have worked for hundreds of individuals and groups, including one group of over 900 people. We have proudly put client’s money back in their own pockets.

We have successfully sued stockbrokers, mutual fund representatives, insurance agents and financial planners and recover client losses. We have recovered losses where the adviser or his/her dealer have blamed “the stock market” and even the investor themselves.

We have recovered our clients’ life insurance benefits and “investments”, annuities and disability benefits when insurers fail to pay claims or void policies. We have recovered losses and benefits where the insurance agent or her/his insurer have claimed “misrepresentations” or even “fraud” effectively cancelled the policy.

In many of these cases the clients believed that they had no hope of recovering their lost money. Often, that is what their “trusted” advisor or the business behind that adviser or the so-called “Ombudsperson” has told these unknowing clients.

In many of these cases the clients did not have the money to fund the high costs of a lawsuit. In hundreds of cases, Harold and the Financial Loss Advisory Group have taken on cases for people like you primarily on a “paid us when we collect for you” basis – in this way, for many, many clients they have access to justice which they otherwise could never afford. They could never afford in part because of the harm caused by their losses – a trap which could bar their access to justice.

For more information, please visit www.financialloss.ca.

Harold is a well-known financial industry commentator, a continuing education provider for various insurers, investment and mutual fund dealers, and financial industry licensing organizations.

Harold is proud to be:

  • Former chair of the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments’ Consumer and Investment Advisory Council
  • Member of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority’s Consumer Advisory Panel and having co-chaired its public consultation on the Financial Title Protection Framework
    • Member of speciality advisory panels and sub-groups for FSRA
  • Member of the Investment Industry Regulator of Canada’s Working Group on Arbitrations
  • Executive Member of the Canadian Bar Association’s Elder Law Committee and an Executive Member of the Ontario Bar Association’s Elder Law and Insurance Law Executive Committees
  • Member of the Ontario Securities Commission’s Senior Expert Advisor Committee and past member of its Investment Advisory Panel
  • Co-author with MBC Law of many submissions regarding retail distribution of financial products to regulators and government
  • A member of the County of Carleton Law Association, Advocates’ Society and the Ontario/Canadian Bar Association.

Harold has helped organize and presented at dozens of legal education seminars. At times Harold has assisted financial industry organizations such as the Financial Standards Council and Advocis with respect to setting ethical standards and best practices. Harold is also a member of the prestigious private think tank known The Banff Forum.

Harold obtained his Bachelor of Arts from Queen’s University, and his law degree from Dalhousie Law School. He was called to the Ontario Bar in 1993.

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