Protection with Co-Habitation/Marriage Contracts

02 Oct 2020
3:50 pm - 4:50 pm
Breakout Session

Protection with Co-Habitation/Marriage Contracts

You will be challenged to examine the value and security provided through co-habitation and marriage contracts for couples choosing to become a family unit, no matter what age they are.

The concept of a marriage agreement or co-habitation contract is still not widely adopted as a key item for people to employ when tying the knot or moving in together, often simply due to historical societal norms, yet the benefits are unlimited.

There is no one size fits all when constructing agreements with couples and the best outcomes are when each party is truly involved in the development planning process as you then have their skin in the game and true commitment to what the document means and states.

Instead of focusing on the colours, flowers and bonbonnieres as being crucial decisions when wedding planning, clients who also take the time to work through a plan that results in an agreement have a lasting value that will see them through their relationship, good or bad.

It is a natural fit for planners to learn more about and incorporate marriage contract drafts into their practice since we already look at all the financial facts for clients taking their goals, concerns and family dynamics into account to create a financial plan.

In collaboration with the legal community R.F. P. members can make a real difference for Canadian families using these agreements.

As an R.F.P., you are all in the ideal position to introduce the ways in which couples can build stronger relationships, protect assets and emotions, plus save money by making certain a co-habitation or marriage contract is created as they join together.


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