Break – Mini yoga session (Sponsored by: Antares Investment)

30 Sep 2020
10:45 am - 11:00 am

Break – Mini yoga session (Sponsored by: Antares Investment)

Yoga is an incredible tool to use to check in with the physical body, the mind and soul. Whether you are sitting most of the day or find yourself doing repetitive movements at work, yoga can help bring balance to the body and help increase overall wellness. For these yoga offerings, each session will include some breathing techniques to help reduce stress, some simple seated stretches to reduce tension through the neck and shoulders as well as some yoga postures to increase your energy and get your body moving throughout the day. All of the postures can be done seated in your chair or standing in a small space. 


Practicing yoga in your work space will help minimize your discomfort throughout the day, making it easier for you to focus on work and feel your best. Simply notice how good it feels to move, to breathe and to connect with your body.


Members: $495.00 plus tax | Non-Members: $595.00 plus tax
2 Day Symposium, October 1 + 2 : $445.00
Sneak A Peek/Advanced Education Day: $150.00 plus tax

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