Sally Arkell Boles

High Performance Leadership Coach and Mentor

Sally Arkell Boles

High Performance Leadership Coach and Mentor


Sally will help you look at leadership and business with a fresh new perspective. She offers Elite level personal and professional development coaching to individuals, teams and companies.

Sally helps organizations scale growth through a proven system backed by science and human performance. She turns challenges into opportunities by successfully leveraging experience and thought leadership for complex situations.

She helps others to transform their lives through the power of the mind. Sally believes that if we understand how the mind works, we can start to change our perception of the world and create the results we desire.

Sally has developed a diverse leadership background including Director with an International Organization, a Managing Partner in Financial Services, Entrepreneur and an International Speaker and Author.

In 2020, Sally left her corporate career to partner with professionals, businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals as a High Performance Leadership Coach and Mentor in personal and professional development.

Sally is committed to empowering people through career evolution, disruptions or on the path to retirement.

Grow yourself, Grow your team, Grow your success!

Sally is sought after as an International Speaker and Coach for “Acting with Intention – The Secret to Redefining your Success!