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This conference runs through all 3 days from 30 September, 2020 - 2 October 2020.
Day 1
30 Sep 2020
Day 2
01 Oct 2020
Day 3
02 Oct 2020

Opening Remarks

Peter Cishecki

The pandemic response – Lessons learned in the stock market

Many investors are analyzing which sectors will win or lose in a post-COVID world. Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager, Gil Lamothe believes that the economic effects of the global...
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Gil Lamothe

Pandemic Investing: Latest trend or new reality?

Surviving 2020: Views on Investing in a Pandemic World Every aspect of life has changed…creating uncertainty about the future and increasing the importance of money for today and tomorrow. What...
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Douglas Kee
10:45 am - 11:00 am

Break – Mini yoga session (Sponsored by: Antares Investment)

What’s Mine is Mine – Property Rights and Asset Protection when Relationships End

This presentation summarizes spousal property rights on death and relationship breakdown and looks at the differences in property rights for married and common-law relationships. Asset protection strategies such as trust...
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Rebecca Hett

Transforming the Financial Planning Experience with Next Generation Technology

Conquest Planning will sit with Jason Pereira to provide a walk through of their game changing financial planning application.  Leveraging artificial intelligence, Conquest looks to support advisors in reducing trial...
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Jason Pereira
12:30 pm - 1:45 pm


A Matter of Trust Identifying Problems and Crafting Solutions

A review of the case study identifies a number of problems within this family unit: marriage and the validity of wills, the impact of a non-resident executor and power of...
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Joan McAulay

Executor Duties; Do your clients executors know what they have signed up for?

Very few executors know much about the estate settlement process. As advisors we have opportunity to bring together clients and their executors to take them through the process and duties...
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Dan Nolan
3:15 pm - 3:40 pm pm

Break – Sponsor Showcase

The Business Owner Challenge – Maximizing Value in your Client Experience

Historically captive firms have controlled the client experience while focusing advisors on top line results and grid qualification.  As advisors move to Independence there is more opportunity to take back...
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Jeff Gans

A Conversation with FCC’s leaders: The future of your business is digital

Join three of Fidelity Clearing Canada’s senior leaders as they discuss the future of wealth management that centers around digital tools, financial services, and trust.  In a conversation with our...
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Tisha Lawton
Paul Stapleton
Scott MacKenzie
5:10 pm - 5:25 pm


Charitable Giving

This session explores the opportunities that advisors have when discussing charitable giving with their clients. Many clients are looking for ways to give back to their communities and create their...
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Jackie Power

Wrap up

Peter Cishecki


Mixology – Recipes and additional details will be added soon! Enjoy some fun at the end of the day!

Navigating & Anticipating The New Retirement: Longevity Planning And Advisory Value

Longevity changes everything. Clients are likely to live longer than any previous generation. Nearly one half of Americans are likely to live to 85-plus, making retirement about one-third of adult...
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Joseph Coughlin, PhD

Round Table Discussions re: Case Study

You will be assigned to a zoom room (table) with 7 others and will discuss the Case Study. Internet Connection – you will require a high-speed internet connection for an...
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11:20 am - 11:35 am

Break – Sponsor Showcase

Why are millennials so broke?

Shana Srikaruna and Sasha Paikin, Dalhousie University Our presentation, entitled ‘Why are millennials so broke?’, gives an overview of the financial obstacles that the next generation faces and its staggering...
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Shana Srikaruna
Sasha Paikin
12:40 pm - 1:00 pm

Break – Mini yoga session (Sponsored by: Antares Investment)

IMPACT ADVISOR – Integrating RI into your planning and portfolio construction process

The demand for responsible investing has increased exponentially over the past few years. The reason why integrating RI into your business has been answered through this demand. However, the question...
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Asmita Kanungo

How to Build Trust, Convert More Prospects & Grow Your Business With Financial Planning

Snap Projections helps Canadian financial advisors, planners, and investment managers to efficiently deliver personalized financial plans that are valued and easily understood by their clients. It offers comprehensive cash-flow, retirement,...
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Alex Mercer
Pawel Brzeminski

All About Honesty

Learn About the Most Effective and Ethical Way to Run Your Practice Rod Burylo’s session is approved to fulfill the requirement of one of hour of Compliance/Ethics for IIROC registrants....
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Speed Dating Lunch

This was a very positive and fun event last year for our attendees and sponsors!   We had fantastic feedback and requests to hold this event again! Enter your assigned zoom...
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Tax & Retirement Update 2020

As the COVID-19 health crisis causes impacts to the economy, this presentation provides an update on key 2020 tax developments and trends relevant to financial advisors and their clients to...
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Peter Bowen

Character and Professional Relationships

Learn About What CFPs Must Know When Building Their Network and Firing Clients Rod Burylo’s session is approved by FP Canada to fulfill the requirement of one of hour of...
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The Institute of Advanced Financial Planners (IAFP) will be holding its Annual General Meeting of members (AGM) on Thursday, October 1, 2020, at 5:40 PM EST. The AGM will be...
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Severance and Pension Planning

Advisors will gain an understanding of how to help their clients and prospects through the decisions they need to make when jobs are lost. This includes best strategies for tax...
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Carol Bezaire

Winning Body Language – Win Trust and Gain Credibility Virtually and Live

Stand Out, Win Trust and Gain Credibility when Presenting from your Work At Home Office There has never been a more important time for a leader or sales professional to...
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Mark Bowden
11:20 am - 11:40 am

Break – Sponsor Showcase

Panel – ESG/RI Social Investing and Impact Investing

Panel Discussion –  The panel will go through the basics of the spectrum of potential investments in the SRI, Impact and ESG investments. They will discuss the pros and cons...
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Gregory Payne
David O’Leary
Scott Robertson

Realign for High-Performance Teams

When your car takes a huge bump in the road, it is time to get it realigned.  The same thing is true for your business and your teams. COVID-19 has...
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1:50 pm - 2:10 pm

Break – Mini yoga session (Sponsored by: Antares Investment)

Fireside Chat with The Right Honourable David Johnston, C.C.

Former Governor General David Johnston engages in conversation to discuss trust in our businesses, organizations, public institutions and the officials who run them as well as his latest book:  Trust:...
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David Johnston
3:15 pm - 3:45 pm

Lunch – Sponsor Showcase


The Relationship Equation© is: Relationship = (Understanding + Dependability + Expertise) / Self-Orientation The equation reveals a profound truth. As the divisor, clients’ perception of your self-orientation is the critical...
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Michael Curtis

Protection with Co-Habitation/Marriage Contracts

You will be challenged to examine the value and security provided through co-habitation and marriage contracts for couples choosing to become a family unit, no matter what age they are....
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Panel – Growing and Retaining AUM, comparing various business models

Financial Planning and investment management go hand in hand in many industry practices. When they do the bulk of the firm’s revenue usually comes from management fees on assets under...
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Dona Eull-Schultz
Meagan Balaneski
David O’Leary
Jason Pereira
4:50 pm - 5:00 pm


Insurance Presentation

Description coming soon
Brian Laundry

A Fireside Chat – How to Use Digital Marketing to Get Inside the Hearts & Minds of Investors

Did you know advisors who embrace digital marketing saw a nearly 40% increase in leads, even during market uncertainty? Join Jason Pereira and AdvisorStream as they discuss everything you need...
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Kevin Mulhern
Jason Pereira

How’s my Financial Plan technique? Complex? Comprehensive? Confused?

Want to make sure your plans are up to the R.F.P. standard?  This session will go over the essential components the reviewer is looking for in a comprehensive financial plan...
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Lenore Davis


Members: $495.00 plus tax | Non-Members: $595.00 plus tax
2 Day Symposium, October 1 + 2 : $445.00
Sneak A Peek/Advanced Education Day: $150.00 plus tax

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