Andrew Cairns

Business Development Manager, HomeEquity Bank

Aravind Sithamparapillai

Ironwood Wealth Management Group

Braden Warwick

Wealth Management Research Associate, PWL Capital

Brandi Bailey

Vice President of Marketing, Plan Well Guide

Bruce Moir

Westcoast Actuaries

Christina Clement

VP, Practice Growth & Execution

Dalyce Seitz

Principal, Portfolio Manager, Private Clients & Foundations

Darrell Jacobsen

Managing Partner, Advisor Hunt

Greg Chant

Principal, Portfolio Manager, Private Clients & Foundations

James Dungate

Principal, Investment Funds, Leith Wheeler

Jason Pereira

Panel Speaker

John Novachis

EVP Growth and Development, Investment Planning Counsel

Johnathan Ciliberto

Managing Director, Advisor Hunt

Kristi Chambers

Program Advisor, Strategic Coach

Larry Keating

President & CEO, NPC DataGuard

Mark McGrath

FP & Investment Advisor, PWL Capital Inc.

Meagan S. Balaneski

Certified Financial Planner

Meghaan Lurtz

Professor of Practice at Kansas State University

Michael Konopaski

Director and Chief Financial Officer, Designed Wealth Management

Michael Steepe

Owner, CEO and Chief Compliance Officer of Steepe & Co. Ltd.

Peter Bowen

Vice-President, Tax and Retirement Research

Preet Banerjee

Behavioural Finance Expert

Robb Engen

Advice-only financial planner

Sally Arkell Boles

High Performance Leadership Coach and Mentor

Spenser McCaig

Leader, Individual Pension Plan team, Westcoast Actuaries

Tayler Sawchuk

Yoga Instructor

Unaiz Bawa

Taxtastic Approach to Estate Planning, Canada Life


Barry Rendell

Advanced Case Consultant, Canada Life

Clinton Rebec

Vice-President, Investment Counsellor, Cardinal Management

Geoff Lang

Equiton Partners Inc.

Gord Ross

Professional Sales Leader, W.A. Robinson

Ilan Kolet

Institutional Portfolio Manager, (GAA) Fidelity Investments.

Jack Aquino

W.A. Robinson

Lilly Tzvetkova

Co-Head of U.S. Equities & Portfolio Manager, CWB Wealth

Michael Van Lierop

President & Founder of New Outlook Wealth

Soheil Mahmoozadeh

CWB’s Chief Econometrician

Tayler Sawchuk

Yoga Instructor

Will Granleese

Antrim Balanced Mortgage Fund